Q4: How do I know the BLM-Q is still working?
A4: After installation of the BLM-Q System, the trained BLM-Q installer will check for the correct operation using a pre-calibrated testing device.
For visual verification of the BLM-Q operation, check the LED’s on the Control Unit. The orange LED indicates that the System is powered on. The blue LED’s indicate that the composite audio signal is being sent to each transponder attached to the beer line. When a transponder is plugged into the socket on the control unit, one blue LED will turn on and stay on permanently. When all blue LED’s are on, that will correspond to four transponders being connected to four beer lines.
Q5: Do I need to clean the BLM-Q System?
A5: As the BLM-Q is operating in an environment where beer may get splash on the transponders from time to time, it is recommended to wipe the transponder surfaces with a damp cloth to remove any dried beer from the surface. The Control Unit should be mounted in a position whereby beer spillage should not occur, but a quick wipe with a damp cloth of the Control Unit certainly ensures minimal build-up of dust, etc.