Q6: What is the maximum length of beer line that the BLM-Q will maintain?
A6: The maximum length of beer line that the BLM-Q system, using one Transponder, will maintain is 100 feet long or 30 meters for non-refrigerated beer lines and 150 to 200 feet or 45-60 meters for glycol or other types of refrigerated beer lines. For longer beer lines, we recommend placing an additional Transponder on the beer line near the faucet.
Q7: Do the beer lines have to remain full?
A7: Yes! The BLM-Q’s patented signal is transmitted into the beer line and uses the water content of beer to conduct the signal all the way to the faucet. If the beer line is empty, then the signal cannot be conducted within the beer line and the efficacy of the signal is severely reduced. Therefore, keep the beer lines full of beer at all times.
Q8: Is there anything that can help me to make sure that the beer lines remain full?
A8: There is a product on the market called an Empty Beer Detector or FOB. When the beer keg empties, a float drops and shuts off the beer line. The beer line remains full of beer and allows for easier, cleaner and more economical bar operation.