Q9: What is the distance between transponders?
A9: The Transponders are ‘transmitters’ of the BLM-Q’s signal. The concave section of the transponder is attached to the beer line and secured with cable ties. To make sure one transponder does not interfere with the signal of another transponder, a distance of 6 inches or approximately 15 centimeters is needed between transponders.
Q10: What is the life expectancy of the BLM-Q?
A10: The BLM-Q is a solid state device that is controlled by microprocessors and there are no moving parts. If history gives us a good example; the BLM-Q’s predecessor was called the BLM-2000. First released in 1999 and some are still in operation, so we are very confident our new BLM-Q has the same pedigree.
Q11: Does the BLM-Q ever need calibration?
A11: The BLM-Q is all solid state that never needs re-calibrating.