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The BLM 2000
   The BLM2000 retards microbial contamination growth inside beer lines, which are responsible for spoiling the taste, aroma and presentation of draft beer.
    The BLM2000 was introduced to the world brewery market in August 1997. The technology is patent based and since it's inception has gained accolades of success in North America, Europe and Japan.
    Make no misconception beer is a food and we would like to show you why you need to maintain the cleanliness of beer lines....

Why do we need to clean beer lines?
Beer is a food and like any other food will contaminate. The microbial contamination in beer lines is made up of the following;
     > Bacteria
     > Mold
     > Yeast
     > Beer Stone

After you have wandered through the above contaminant's short profiles, you'll then understand why removal of such contaminants is essential to maintaining draft beer quality the brewers of the world wish for their customers.

The BLM2000 along with proper maintenance inhibits the growth of these microbial contaminants allowing for a constant fresh tasting draft beer.

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