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BLM2000 bar

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Q1: Does the BLM 2000 signal affect any other equipment in my bar?
Q2: Does the BLM 2000 operate continuously and do I need to switch it off during chemical cleaning?
Q3: How much electricity does the BLM 2000 need?
Q4: How do I know the BLM 2000 is still working?
Q5: Do I need to clean the BLM 2000 System?
Q6: What is the maximum length of beer line that the BLM 2000 will maintain?
Q7: Do the beer lines have to remain full?
Q8: Is there anything that can help me to make sure that the beer lines remain full?
Q9: Does it make a difference which direction the Transponder is facing?
Q10: What is the life expectancy of the BLM 2000?
Q11: Does the BLM 2000 ever need calibration?
Q12: In which states of the U.S. are establishments responsible for obtaining a service for?
Q13: In which states of the U.S. are Distributors responsible for cleaning and maintaining?
Q14: I have been using the BLM2000 for sometime but all of a sudden I receive complaints about the beer having a sour taste and it's in the middle of a cleaning cycle. What do I do?
Q15: Can I allow the new BLM2000 cleaning cycles to go beyond 10 weeks?
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