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Q14: I have been using the BLM2000 for sometime but all of a sudden I receive complaints about the beer having a sour taste and it's in the middle of a cleaning cycle. What do I do?
A14: Firstly, as the cause of the sour or bad taste is unknown we recommend immediate chemical cleaning of the beer line in question. If after the chemical clean, the sour or bad taste disappears then visually check that the BLM2000 lights, for flashing operation as discussed in Answer 3. above. If you notice a problem then contact your authorised BLM2000 representative.
Q15: Can I allow the new BLM2000 cleaning cycles to go beyond 10 weeks?
A15: As the manufacturer we have compiled data on our BLM2000 device operating in various environments and for various periods of time. The recommended period of 8-10 weeks is based on successful historical data.

Therefore, we do not recommend pushing BLM2000 cleaning cycles beyond a maximum period of 10 weeks.
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