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Q9: Does it make a difference which direction the Transponder is facing?
A9: Yes and No. Yes, the beer line must be installed inside the concave section of the Transponder and No, the Transponder’s signal is omni-directional. The signal travels in both directions inside the beer line.
Q10: What is the life expectancy of the BLM 2000?
A10: The BLM 2000 is a solid state device that operates much like an AM radio. The life expectancy of the BLM 2000 has not been determined as of yet. However, it does come with a Three Year Warranty covering parts and replacement.
Q11: Does the BLM 2000 ever need calibration?
A11: The BLM 2000 is a solid state device that will never need to be recalibrated.
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