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How it works
Inside a keg, beer enjoys a sterile environment whereby optimum quality of the product can be maintained. The moment beer flows from the keg, it enters a world of non-sterile supply lines, valves, joints and taps. This non-sterile environment is a haven in which yeast and bacteria thrive and reproduce, feeding all the while from the nutrients in the beer.

Regular use of chemicals of the correct strength should remove any build-up of contamination, but at a significant cost to the bar owner. Irregular cleaning routines result in thriving yeast and bacteria
colonies, which results in foul smelling, tainted beer with off flavor and poor presentation qualities.

The BLM 2000 is a device that generates an audio signal that is induced into the beer line via a Transponder. The audio signal
varies in frequency and amplitude, to create an unfriendly
environment for yeast and bacteria cells to grow and multiply within
the beer lines.

The result is a retardation of contaminate yeast and bacteria on the inside walls of the beer lines, thereby allowing the beer to flow from keg to tap without deterioration in quality or presentation.


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