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Technically Speaking

1) A complex audio frequency is broadcast from the Control Unit to the Transponder(s) (single, double or both for a triple leaded system) which is/are attached directly to the outside of the beer line(s).
2) This audio signal is induced into the beer line and travels throughout the entire length of the beer line, using beer as the medium.
3) The signal is composed of composite audio frequencies and creates an unfriendly environment for the growth of yeast and bacteria cells. As the signal travels the length of the beer line, it prevents yeast and bacteria bio-film from forming on the inside surface of the beer line.
4) Without a bio-film growing on the inside surface of the beer line, the beer, as it flows from the keg to the bar, enjoys a contamination free journey, resulting in a quality product being served to the customer.
5) The BLM 2000 operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is inexpensive to operate. The power source is 16 volts AC and the current draw of a single Control Unit is only 50mA.
6) The action of the BLM 2000 reduces the necessity to chemically clean beer lines by up to 95%, minimizing beer waste, chemical use and labor costs.


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