The History

The BLM technology entered the world of draught beer line maintenance in January 1999, firstly via endorsement by breweries in Japan, and through continued successful testing gained Brewery approvals in North America, Europe And the United Kingdom.

The first model released using the technology was called the BLM2000.

In those early days, the patented BLM technology was considered ‘smoke and mirrors’, but success stories in all beer producing Countries, fed implementation of the technology across a variety of bars and restaurants from small establishments to volume usage in territories upwards of 20,000  beer lines.  Thirteen years since the introduction  of the BLM2000 as ‘The New Concept in Beer Line Technology’ the baton has been handed over to our new model, the BLM-Q, which heralds greater signal parameters and benefits.

History has shown the BLM technology has elevated the bygone methods of beer line maintenance using science and technology. It is not a total replacement of chemical line cleaning, but an enhancement that exudes benefits. To be rewarded with understanding of the technology please wander through our web-site and gather an insight into how our device is changing the industry.